Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excused Visions- Dogs-A Varied Interpretation

"It’s different, you won't understand", nudging Leila said, "the 'Barking dogs seldom bite’. I often get surprised with the simple things around." 
                 Majnu who loves Leila is after her to explain that. "What is wrong with the maxim?” he strongly demands. 

Leila:      "So what happens with dogs that don't bite? Do they change their 'NATURE'?"

Majnu:   "How could I tell? It’s none of my business to keep an eye on 'Dogs'. And, I'm not any sort of ' watch-dog ‘."

Leila:      "Okay! So dogs with potentially no tongue have greater ability to bite, huh? And the ones who don't have biting experience can stand higher chances to voice. They are best choice, then, for publicity purposes. Now I get the value of representatives and the criteria to be employed. The dogs with sound history of not biting get greater positions to be watch-dogs, for no one actively involved in 'Public Affairs' want to lose the appreciation- the ' Barkers ' win for them."

Majnu:   “I really don't get you."

Leila:      ”There I told ' you won't understand'. It’s really going wrong with the dogs of today. They must learn to improve their status”, she speaks resolutely, “for the times where only ' Dogs with seldom nature to bite ' would RULE the world.” The early they voice the more they connect with peers to get rid of the external influence, and convince them to sharpen their teeth for their enemies who believe ' they seldom bite ‘.”


Majnu:   “When they can’t bite why to sharpen the teeth?” And please cut the crap now.


Leila:      “It’s not the ‘CRAP’. ‘Mum dogs can be millionaire’ has substantially proved that dogs of today can be the Millionaire of tomorrow,” she smiles, “and after all humans have nothing to do with work and intelligence anymore. The dogs must learn a good and inspiring lesson from that. That is, really, an eye-opener.”


Majnu:   “Now I get you exactly. You are surprised with the win of the Oscars of foreigners. They do every season though.”

Leila:       Leave it you won’t understand.”


Majnu really got confused with the logically illogical expressions, but that must not have been the case with you people! Many ask me about something that I don’t understand; must produce such an expression. Don’t you agree? I must not be surprised. And by the way to be screwed you need not any SCREW at all, do you?


So you understand, or I should say….



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  1. Dear Zaki what is this? I did not understand what do you want to say by this story. Kindly, explain briefly so i can understand.

    Thanks and regard


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