Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From A Railway Carriage

Read the following poem and then compose an account describing the similar experience of yours . See the illustrations around the poem. Can you describe them in prose?



  1. Last week I traveled in train, it was my first experience. I never saw the train before. So my imagination is quietly different than the actual.
    The speed of train is very first, its speed is faster then the fairies, viewings were flabbergasted. There was an amusement weather, lovely & cool breezes coming inside from the window and a greenish scienreis attract me toward it.

  2. This holds really an attraction for kids. The journey used to have charismatic feeling for a child back 100 years or so, even for the adults at that time. Nowadays, Japan has built the train that could travel at 500 km/hr approximately.


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