Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Descriptive Essay - Tips

Writing a descriptive account could be a hell of a job at any academic level, specially when one is not convinced of jotting down details about things, people, places or feelings. While it seems difficult to compose it is necessary to help reader understand what you, the writer, has experienced. Use the following link to help yourself chalk out a working plan for your writing.


  1. This is about my most embrassing moment I have had so far in High School.
    It was an ordinary day. I set my backpack on my rug. What i didnt notice was there was something underneath the rug. Anyways i went on with my day. I ran out to my sister's car got in and we picked up a friend. She picked up her friend and we were off to school. My sister had interrupted me talking and told her friend that she needed to talk to her. I thought that was pretty normal.
    I had gotten to school and i was walking up the stairs to my friends. My friends had started laughing for some reasons. They were whispering in each others ears. One of them said "Nice backpack you got there" I of course being the person I am i said "Thanks". I had picked up my backpack and noticed something attached to the bottom of my backpack. It was that something underneath my rug. It was my friend's piece of underwear connected to the velcrow on my backpack. I was so embarrassed, but the thing was it was not the any other embarrassment I wasnt going to run off and cry. I just sat there and I laughed along with my friends.

    The moral of the story is always check the bottom of your backpack before leaving to go out in public.


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