Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lets Relax Together! ! !

Yes you are with the guru of meditation- just joking. I am not a guru. Even I am not a starter to that. Perplexed to know? Let me be clear with one simple question: were you looking for solution... to have Relaxation? If 'Yes' is your answer then "Big Sorry" as I am myself looking for the same.

Hey, Wait. Don't go. I have an idea. Lets explore it together, what do you say, Huh?

I guess you were guided by some source to find relaxation or peace of mind through meditation, right? You are "busy as bee" kind of a person, aren't you? Always engrossed in Future perspective, want to keep the time in control, have children to support, a wife to adore and a society to cherish... Bravo! Bravo my friend you are a social genie. Wish Wish! Here I am.

My friend you need no so called gurus to help you attain what is yours already. Yes that is right "Yours already"- you my friend, you and just you. Hard to get me?

You need Yourself and thats all. Just give time to yourself- the forgotten part of your happy memories, childhood. You were as clean and refreshing as dew. That is really cool and relaxing. Do you remember when you lost your first tooth and Aunt accused me-innocent squirrel. Hey you are perfectly alright. Just be with You in real.

Give me a break, I got emotional buddy. Give your hints till I wipe my nose.

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