Saturday, June 18, 2011

English Learning- Syllabus Studies

  To improve your language skills thoroughly you need to practise it in variety of ways. The better the input the finer the output; you need to use all the methods you could lay hands on.

  For the students of Secondary and Intermediate levels I intend to talk about every single lesson they come across in their syllabi- of course English. I will be including lessons with maximum support depending on the feedback and requests. The support would be of possible freely available resources to boost your experience of English Language learning, and as well enabling you to taste the true tongue itself. Here is the selection from Intermediate Book 1 Prose: My Bank Account by Stephen Leacock. Watch and listen to the accent and variation of voice to deliver it effectively. After watching I advise to repeat it several time for better grasping the pronunciation of the words.



  1. Sir nice piece of work, hope to have more!

  2. Sir its so nice of you that you are here for us!
    secondly the request is that can u also such kind of videos and material related to Intermediate English Book Two means for HHC-II so it would be helpful for all of us and especially for me!
    yours FAIZ


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