Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wana Learn English OR Angrazi ?

"You must be joking" a friend of mine would say if I ask the same question. Have you ever thought with that perspective. Is there really a differnce between the Two? Well things get confused when, sometimes, dealt at length. Agreed?
Its simple to distinguish. Did you learn your tongue with an alternative, I suppose Not. And this would be the case here for more than imaginable percentage. We show whatever we learnt over a considerable time-period. Are we confident enough to share, in our own tongue, every thing we experience or wish to? Most of us feel stunned at loss of words. Its not every time we are boggled by geeky vocab. But as a matter of fact we feel unsure and most probably unaware of the fact that we had learnt something in the past.

By now you must have developed the idea the Game I'm playing with you. NO. May be. Not sure. 

Lets share " It was my childhood when I was taught", beg your pardon. How old are you now?
I don't prefer to be treated as kiddo any more.
You decide first are we talking, or just bla bla bla?

Inform me with your need and we together try settling the issue.

Hope you didn't mind. Even if did, so be that!

Looking for your reply, do reply, do not Reply. 

See again your'e confused!


  1. ya good work..but it must grow,keep it up ;) Buddy!


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